• Electron Backscatter Diffraction Collection and Analytical Services

    Utilize EBSD technology to reveal the microstructural characteristics of your metals, semiconductors, ceramics and geological materials.

  • Excellent Range Of Tools and Instrumentation

    Using the latest techniques and software applications to deliver the highest quality results.

  • Unique Experience

    EBSD Analytical has over 15 years of hands on EBSD expertise, working with a wide variety of materials ranging from ceramics and minerals to metals and semiconductors.

Range of Services

Our services include specimen preparation targeted specifically for EBSD and both high speed and high resolution data collection. We will help you interpret and analyze your results which includes report generation and consultation.

Report Generation

Select from a range of standard and advanced reports to describe and characterize the results of your EBSD analysis.

News and Events

* EBSD Analytical now offering High Resolution EBSD and Strain Analysis services in conjunction with BLG Vantage.